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Honest Marketing

When people in college told me they were studying marketing, they might as well have told me they studying to make fur hats out of kittens. I thought it was universally acknowledged that marketers were in the same camp as payday loan peddlers, Ponzi schemers and email spammers. I remember wondering if you had to […]

Good Design Gets Out of the Way

When you study something intently, you sometimes lose sight of what made you want to study it. For better or worse, the words of the Bible have been studied and parsed and dissected to an extraordinary degree. The pages of most Bibles are littered with notes, numbers and other study aids. But the power of […]

It’s OK To Look Back and Cringe

One of the cold hard facts of the creative life is that we all have some past work that we’re not proud of. We’ve all put our names on projects in the past (maybe not even the very distant past) that we now hope will be forgotten. Sometimes the most painful part of seeing old […]

Creative Momentum

My first ideas are usually terrible. My next ideas are a little bit less terrible, but still not great. Worse still, it takes me a relatively long time to develop those first not-great ideas. But those first attempts aren’t a waste of time, because the process of working through bad ideas is what makes good […]

The Value of Side Projects

A friend asked me a few days ago about the pros and cons of doing freelance work along with your primary design job. Even though I approach the question as it relates to my work as a graphic designer, I think there are general principles here that apply to any profession. The biggest benefits to […]

The Graveyard of Good Ideas

Years ago, I read in the preface of a collection of a photographer’s work about a book that was impossible to make. The book he was describing would never exist because it was a collection of  images that had never been created. This photographer (whose name I’ve forgotten) was referring to the missed images — […]

Typography: Form and Content

It’s not easy to consider the forms of letters without taking into consideration their meaning. I recently traveled to see some friends and family in China and Korea.  While I was there, I was intrigued by the variety of typefaces used in signage and printed material for both Mandarin and Korean.  It presented a unique […]

Written Communication: Avoid Mixed Signals

People evaluate you, and your message, not only by the words that you say but also by how you say them. Before you’ve said ten words, your audience will have formed opinions about your intelligence, your level of education, and your credibility. Whether they ought to form those opinions so quickly and on the basis of so […]