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Make Your Thanks Count. Here’s How.

Think of the common ways we express gratitude to each other. A verbal “thank you,” a thank you card, maybe a gift basket or gift card. These are all nice gestures — and we should do them — but they can feel  generic. So how do we avoid that? With something called “incarnational gratitude.” (Give […]

Level Up Your Writing With Contrast

While there are many ways to communicate — speaking, dancing, singing, painting, and even non-verbal communication — writing remains the most elegant and valuable form for individuals to master. A well-written paragraph can sell your product, launch your brand, or galvanize your followers. Powerful writing creates movement. But what elevates writing from mediocre to good? […]

Get to Know… Sara Patterson

MJM is pleased to welcome our newest member to the team — Sara Patterson. Throughout her career, Sara has helped corporate businesses, local businesses, and non-profits tell their story through copywriting and communication strategy. She’s awesome, and if you want more information on her career you can find her bio here. But today, we know […]

8 Things a Jazz Quartet Can Teach Us About Team Culture

My wife and I recently had the privilege of attending an intimate performance by a world-renowned jazz quartet. As we enjoyed the music, the environment, and the experience, I realized how the same factors create a powerful jazz performance and a powerful team business culture. Let’s look at eight ways jazz can teach us about […]

One Mistake Losing Brands Make

If someone were to ask 10 of your customers to describe what makes your business or service different, what would they say? Would they all say the same thing? What if the same question was asked of all your staff, leaders, and owners? Winning brands have a consistent story, a message that staff and customers […]

Video Testimonies: DIY or Hire a Pro Team?

In our work, we do a lot of customer/patient testimonies, doctor bio and education videos, and group interviews or conversations. Clients often ask us which option is better for their video project — a do-it-yourself approach, or hiring a video team? There are pros and cons to each option. Here are the things to consider […]