How Will a CLEAR Review Help You Drive Success?

The CLEAR Review is MJM’s proprietary management optimization curriculum. It is a modular, customizable approach to reviewing your entire operation and improving your practice. What does this mean for you?

  • More patients, and happier patients
  • Engaged staff members who truly enjoy their job
  • A streamlined and understandable process
  • Positive awareness of your practice throughout the community
  • Reporting techniques that will assist you in navigating future changes
  • And, most importantly, a true team approach to the patient experience

The CLEAR Review creates the opportunity for MJM to spend time at the practice and benchmark performance and current standards using our 21-module system. The deliverable of a CLEAR Method Review is a robust write-up that offers feedback and an action plan to enhance patient experiences based on a customized approach.

We believe operational improvements to the patient experience are the most vital opportunity available to practices to improve surgical volumes, increase patient satisfaction, and create an engaged staff.

If you’re ready to take an in depth analysis of your Culture, Logistics, Patient Experience, Awareness in your marketplace and Reporting, the CLEAR Review can maximize opportunities to grow your practice.


Bread and Circus: Serving Up Personality

According to their website, the owners of Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen have a “propensity for planning their next meal before the current one is even finished.” I’m hooked already. I have my lunches planned out through the end of October, so I already know this restaurant’s personality is right up my alley.

The aesthetic at Bread and Circus is simple—their menu is written on a large blackboard behind the counter and all of their drink offerings are on display. Their special is listed to the right of the cash register. You order, pay and seat yourself.

Customers placing orders at Bread and Circus

Bread and Circus sources local ingredients as much as they can, and it shows in their food. On my first visit, I ordered the Vietnamese Fried Chicken sandwich. Because it’s literally fried chicken in a sandwich, it was a little difficult to eat. But this lunch was still a home run—the chicken was juicy and the flavors were spot on.

For this outing, however, I chose the Carnitas sandwich with lime and black bean purée, pork, avocados, Oaxacan cheese and pickled radishes on ciabatta bread. There were definitely not enough pickled radishes. I thought these were the highlight of the sandwich and I could have eaten mounds more! The sandwich was a little underwhelming—I wish there had been a sauce or a little bit more flavor in the pork. But it was still quite delicious and everything on it was perfectly paired.

Carnitas sandwich from Bread and Circus

The meal came with chips and we also ordered the sweet corn fritters as an appetizer. To be honest, I could have ordered about three more fritters and eaten them as my meal. They were out-of-this-world amazing. The accompanying green goddess dressing was fantastic and is also great for dipping chips.

Corn Fritters from Bread and Circus

I highly recommend Bread and Circus for lunch, dinner and any meal in-between. The outdoor seating is perfect with enough shady and sunny spots to fit your mood. It’s quick, easy to order and makes for an easy lunch stop, even if you don’t have the full hour. They feature local beer selections for dinner (or lunch if you’re one of those lucky few who get to imbibe on your lunch break).

And the service was excellent. The wait staff was patient, friendly and timely with every piece of our order. I can’t wait to go back and try something else from the menu!


Bros Brasserie: Where Local Art and Food Collide

Located on Phillips Ave, just a short walk from M.B. Haskett, the star of last month’s restaurant review, Bros Brasserie houses local art and takes pride in helping to develop Sioux Falls’ growing art scene. Their patio is one of the largest in downtown Sioux Falls and while it doesn’t boast the great views that Ode to Food does, it offers privacy, occasional live music and a great downtown atmosphere.

Bros is one of my favorite dinner places because of their rotating menu. They keep things simple, fresh and always feature local ingredients and local beers. For lunch, Bros offers a simple staple menu with occasional rotating features. For this outing, we chose patio seating, and I opted for their Chicken and Waffles special.

Chicken and Waffles from Bros Brasserie

I haven’t been to Bros for lunch very often, but I remember a friend ordering this in the past. The waffles on that occasion had been thick, more of a Belgian style, and the presentation was quite different. On this occasion, the waffles were a bit underwhelming and were unfortunately a bit dry. The chicken, however, was outstanding. It was juicy, flavorful and had a lot of delicious fried chicken goodness. I was pretty disappointed that the waffle didn’t pack the same punch.

I ordered the Sweet Chili Tomato Bisque soup on the side, and I could have probably eaten 10 more bowls. The flavor was absolute perfection. It had a little bit of that spicy taste from the chili and was the perfect complement to my meal. Each of my co-workers ordered one of the sandwiches – the fried chicken sandwich and the Bros Burger. While neither felt like it was the best thing they had ever eaten, the food was flavorful, juicy and a good portion for lunch. The dynamite and personalized customer service during our meal was top-notch.

The dynamite and personalized customer service during our meal was top-notch.

Over the lunch hour, I recommend giving yourself the full hour to enjoy your meal. The restaurant wasn’t fully packed, but the dishes definitely require some extra prep time in the kitchen, and if you have to come from 12:00-1:00 pm, you will likely need the whole time.

Bros Brasserie interior

During the summer hours, be sure to check out their patio as it offers both sunny and well-shaded spots and gives you a good feel for downtown Sioux Falls life. I also highly recommend coming back when you’re able to sample their rotating beers and amazing dinner feature menu.

Usually, I end the meal with a dessert, but today the chicken filled me up and we were running a bit short on time. If you’ve sampled some of their desserts, let us know what you think! And follow along with us next month as we continue to explore the downtown Sioux Falls food scene!

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How to Fall in Love with Your Audience

I love being a graphic designer. But there are days when I find myself feeling listless—like everything I make is nothing more than meaningless, ephemeral “stuff.” To combat this problem, I’ve been trying something new: falling in love.

I don’t mean the fairytale romance kind of love. I mean the love that comes from genuinely caring about someone other than yourself. The kind of love that allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

Whether you’re a designer, content creator or business owner, falling in love with your audience can help reignite the passion for your work and allow you to do work that can actually make a difference in someone’s life.

1. Be Interested

Note that this does not say be interesting. Remember that this is about them, not you. Resist the urge to rattle off qualifications or experience and instead just listen. Treat every interaction with your audience—whether face-to-face or virtual—like a first date by giving them the gift of your full, undivided attention.

Ask them about their day, their likes, their dislikes, their hopes, their dreams. The more you’re able to see your audience as a complex, beautiful person and not just a customer or a patient, the more motivated you are to provide useful solutions to their problems.

2. Be Observant

If you’re meeting someone in-person, take notice of their surroundings. If you’re meeting in their home or office, pay attention to how they’ve created their environment. What people choose to surround themselves with can say a lot about them.

If you’re meeting someone outside of their environment, you can still pay attention to their mannerisms—the way they speak and carry themselves. Pick up on the little quirks and mannerisms that make each person unique. Hold onto these little gems and pull them out whenever you feel yourself getting frustrated and losing sight of who you’re working for.

4. Be Empathetic

As the creator of your message or service, you have the benefit of much more context than your audience. This divide is particularly striking when handling criticism or complaints. If someone comes to you with a problem, you likely already know that problem exists and have an excuse at the ready.

But rather than begin on the defensive, try to see it from their perspective. Reframe the problem and try to solve it in a way that most benefits them and not just in the way that is easiest for you. This will not only give you more compassion for your audience, but also provide you with greater insight into how to make your product or service better.

4. Fake It

Of course, there are many times when you don’t have direct access to your audience or it’s simply too vast to get to know them on a personal level. If that’s the case, you may just have to fake it.

Glean whatever information you can from customer surveys, user comments or social media followers and craft personas of who your audience might be. Think about what their lives might be like and consider how that will affect how they interact with your content or service. Find stock photos and stick them somewhere you can see them so you can put a face to your audience. The decisions based on these personas may not be authentic, but they will at least be sincere.

Remember that love is a choice. And when we choose to love the people we serve, it changes all of our lives for the better.


M.B. Haskett: The Heart of Downtown

Located on Phillips Avenue, M.B. Haskett sits in the heart of downtown of Sioux Falls. They are known for a rotating menu of flavors and for their locally sourced ingredients. They also feature art from local artists, locally-roasted coffee and a great outdoor patio.

This is the second restaurant review in our series—be sure to read last month’s review of ODE to Food and Drinks.

I haven’t frequented Haskett’s enough to have a go-to dish. I have been to Chef Michael’s rotating prix fixe menu on the weekends and, if your budget allows, I highly recommend this culinary experience. For lunch though, Haskett’s has a decent staple menu and always has something delicious and unique on their feature menu.

Today, I chose the Bánh Mì made with duck paté served on a baguette. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I’ve had the Brie and Prosciutto Baguette at Haskett’s, and the bread was almost too hard to eat for my taste. For this sandwich though, the bread was perfect. It was a little crisp on the top but soft in the center, and the filling was amazing. The carrots were pickled, which added a nice flavor, and the duck paté was well-seasoned and flavorful.

Banh Mi from M.B. Haskett

Each of my co-workers ordered one of the homemade salads on the side. Haskett’s makes their own dressings and they tasted absolutely amazing. While both salads seemed a little heavily dressed, the flavors melded well together and also complemented their main dishes well.

Side salad from M.B. Haskett

Over the lunch hour, I recommend giving yourself the full hour to enjoy your meal. Typically, the restaurant has quite a few occupants at this time, and if you have to come from 12:00-1:00 pm, you’re going to need the whole time. If you’re able to come in a little earlier or a little later, you’re more likely to be able to get out within 45 minutes or so.

During the summer hours, you can enjoy their backyard patio with a mural done by local artist, Shaine Schroeder. M.B. Haskett has a great weekend pub menu and always has something special prepared by Chef Michael for their rotating prix fixe menu.

Crepe from M.B. Haskett

I ended the meal with one of their sweet-style crepes. They offer four flavors, but our server recommended that we mix flavors. I opted for the raspberry/Nutella combination, and it was the perfect way to end a perfect meal. Check out M.B. Haskett and let us know what you think. And follow along with us next month as we continue to explore the culinary delights waiting for you in Sioux Falls!

Other favorites at M.B. Haskett include the Savory Crepe, the Muffaletta and the Brie and Prosciutto Baguette.

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Is Your Healthcare Practice Making These Digital Mistakes?

When running a successful healthcare practice in the digital age, most administrators focus on HIPAA regulations and strictly following them to keep patients’ PHI safe.

But there’s more to digital than what you can’t do online!

With the public face of your digital presence (website, social media and online listings), there’s a lot you can do to market your practice successfully (while still adhering to HIPAA).

We’d like to share five things many healthcare practices are missing or using incorrectly in their digital presence:

1. Have bad NAP?

  • NAP refers to “Name, Address and Phone Number”—the core to all online business information. These three data fields represent your business’s most valuable contact information.
  • When you originally set up your digital listings (social media, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.), you may not have listed your information consistently across all sites. The listing service may have also auto-generated a page by pulling information from your website.
  • When your NAP is inconsistent across the web, it creates SEO havoc. You may not be getting as high on Google or other search results pages, thus losing potential customers.
  • If your patients and clients are seeing your name or address inconsistently listed, it confuses them and erodes your brand.

2. Your site is abandoned (and sad)

  • Back in the “old days” of websites, most companies paid someone to put their brochure content online, thus building their first website…and never updating it until it was time for a new website. Luckily, websites are now easier to update with new, fresh content. It’s critical that you invest time and energy into regularly refreshing your site with new blog posts, updated doctor bios and videos, new staff listings, new services and other relevant information.
  • An abandoned site hurts your marketing efforts. When you don’t update your website frequently, search engines like Google think your site is stale and outdated which lowers it’s SEO ranking.
  • Tip: Use a content calendar to plan what you’ll post to the website, and plan to post at least a few times a month. Each time you post a blog, you create a new page on your site (and updated content for your customers).

3. Got link juice?

  • “Link juice” is what happens when you link to other sites from your site (outbound links to referring clinics, partners you work with or associations you belong to). It also accounts for links coming into your site (social media posts, online listings, partner clinics or associations you belong to, the local Chamber of Commerce or a board linking to your site).
  • Without inbound and outbound links, you can be disconnected online—floating around with no digital friends. Search engines like Google don’t like that because it makes you seem less trustworthy. Link juice shows them that you play nice with others, and that others find you relevant (like when a trusted site such as LinkedIn is linking to you 50 times—one for each blog post you’ve shared and linked back to your site). Link juice is great for SEO and will help your site get to the top page of search results.

4. Your site and social don’t match your marketing

  • Going hand-in-hand with an outdated site is a site that doesn’t match your business’ current marketing campaign. If you’ve updated your billboards, TV ads or other mass marketing messages, but your website doesn’t reflect or echo any of the current campaign, it will cause a disconnect between you and your audience.
  • This same rule goes for your social media accounts—you’ll want to match your current campaign on your Facebook cover image, especially if you have a direct offer or call to action you’d like people to take. Remember—if people see one thing in the media and another thing online, it can cause confusion, and confusion causes inaction!

5. Getting too fancy with “micro-sites”

  • Micro-sites originally seemed like a great solution to launching a new campaign or product without adding a new section to your primary website. A company would buy a new URL (web address) and build a completely new website for just one aspect of their business on this “micro-site,” then spend money to send traffic to it. This is actually detrimental to your overall user experience because it splits up your web traffic and trains your audience to go to a different website other than your primary site. Since most micro-sites were usually temporary, long-term benefits were never fully realized.
  • Don’t split hairs with your marketing. Keep everything on one site–your primary website. Then, interlink to areas you’d like your audience to see or use in-bound links directly to landing pages created for specific promotions. This will help keep your brand strong, your message clear, your SEO optimized, and your audience happy!

As a healthcare professional, you’re doing well to focus on keeping your patients’ PHI safe. But beyond HIPAA, more attention to your digital presence will strengthen your brand and allow your practice to take advantage of all the benefits of digital communication and marketing.

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Once the Dust Settles: A Post-ASCRS Review

Recently, a few members of our team made the west coast trek to Los Angeles to participate in the annual spring ASCRS conference. The conference is an opportunity for ophthalmic professionals to learn, grow, and network with peers.

As attendees, we had a lot to take in, from the exhibit floor to the classroom. We had the opportunity to hear excellent doctors present on their life’s work and to see live surgery being performed with the industry’s newest technology.

Exciting new refractive technologies, such as SMILE from ZEISS, were available for education and hands-on learning. Healthcare regulation and reform were hot topics of conversation, as we all wait anxiously to see what emerges regarding MIPS and changes to the ACA. And, as always, we were all learning and hunting for new innovations in patient care, surgical offerings, and best practices in ophthalmology.

The biggest challenge for exhibitors at ASCRS is getting your product or offering to “cut through the noise.”

With hundreds of industry partners present on the convention floor, the biggest challenge for exhibitors at ASCRS is getting your product or offering to “cut through the noise” and reach new potential consumers.

So how do you set yourself up for success? How do you ensure that your product and your booth will stand out above all others?

Do it well

If you’re going to spend the money to be present at the conference, you need to do it well. How do we define “doing it well?” There are four key components:

  1. Focus on cohesive branding and materials.
  2. Offer pointed messaging that clearly outlines your value proposition and ideal customer.
  3. Have something “actionable” at your booth; something for visitors and customers to do immediately to improve their skill, practice, or thinking.
  4. Learn from your successes and mistakes. Audit every conference you attend and determine what worked and didn’t work from a booth presence perspective. Ask your loyal customers what they thought of your booth. Ask what others thought the best parts of ASCRS were this year. Learn, learn, learn.

If you “do it well,” you will shine at meetings like this.

PRN booth at ASCRS

As part of their presence at ASCRS 2017, PRN included a number of materials intended to educate their consumers and to show how their unique offerings stand up against competitors’ products.

Create space for conversation outside the exhibit hall

Some of the best conversations we saw happen at ASCRS happened outside of the exhibit hall and over a shared meal. Relationships and trust are built when real conversation is allowed to happen, and the best place to build relationships and trust is over dinner.

Relationships and trust are built when real conversation is allowed to happen, and the best place to build relationships and trust is over dinner.

Some options for holding these coinciding events include round tables or additional presentations. As you plan your event, create goals of the amount or type of feedback you hope to gain. In this way, you can measure the success of your event. Answers to these questions should affect your materials, your way-finding, your room set-up and your presentations.

Another exciting option at national events like ASCRS is to plan “experiential meetings” where you combine some form of learning or content sharing with a locally sourced experience. The goal of these events is that attendees would become actively immersed in your brand and product. For example, work with a local tour group to book a double-decker tour bus of the city. Before or after the event, offer some exciting new thoughts about your product or company. Because ASCRS has many vendors and meetings competing for the attention of doctors and staff, give people an added incentive to attend your experience.

Visiometrics booth at ASCRS

With these long standing banners, Visiometrics extended the visual impact of their booth’s presence. This modular approach also allows them to reuse those elements separately in other events.

Your booth layout matters

Depending on your product and presentation, the floor plan of your booth matters. In smaller booths, like a 10×10, the options are limited. However, there are still decisions to be made. Some questions you should ask yourself as you design the layout include:

  • What’s the one message you want people to see and understand?
  • Do you want a table separating you from your potential customers?
  • Do you need a private space to meet with interested buyers?
  • How does your floor plan affect your ability to draw in passersby?
  • What will people be able to stop and do at your booth?
  • How can your booth be unique and different from any other?

Answering these questions clearly before you begin working on your booth design will help ensure you create the ideal booth for your meeting goals, at ASCRS and beyond.


ODE to Food and Drinks: Be Adventurous

In the last few years, the food scene in Sioux Falls has exploded. There are a wide variety of options to choose from on a daily basis. And, you can explore almost any international flavor from the comfort of your own community. But to really get the most out of your culinary experience—you need to be adventurous.

Follow me each month on the blog as I explore a few of Sioux Falls’ eateries and give you a quick glimpse into some of my favorites at each spot.

Today’s visit is just a few minutes walk from our office doors—ODE to Food and Drinks. ODE offers a lunch menu with a rotating feature, a patio with an impressive view and some of the best food in the downtown area.

ODE to Food and Drinks exterior

Usually, I choose the Lamb Burger made with local grass-fed lamb and topped with a cherry/walnut compote, romaine lettuce and tomato. It comes on a toasted egg bun, but I always opt for the lettuce wrap (which really isn’t a wrap but turns the dish into a great little salad.) I then either get fries or the sweet potato chips—and I always grab a side of avocado aioli.

Today, however, I opted for the Fancy Grilled Cheese with Jalapeño Bacon. Every once in awhile, it’s good to explore something new at one of your go-to spots. First, this gives you a fuller glimpse into the restaurant’s capabilities. And second, remember to get the most out of your experience, you have to step outside of your normal routine.

Fancy Grilled Cheese at ODE to Food and Drinks

Now, grilled cheese would be classically defined as normal, but I’m glad I opted for it. The cheese was perfectly melted, and the rye bread had a buttery finish to it that was well done. The jalapeño bacon was the right amount of spice and didn’t overwhelm the subtle flavors of the cheese. Plus, it looked great.

Over the lunch hour, I recommend giving yourself the full hour to enjoy your meal. Typically, the restaurant is quite full between 12:00 and 1:00 pm and you’re going to need the whole time. If you’re able to come in a little earlier or later, you may be able to get out within 45 minutes or so.

During the summer, you can enjoy a relaxing view of the Big Sioux from their patio, which offers privacy while still showcasing the beauty of the river. ODE has a great Saturday brunch and a wide range of unique drinks.  And their rotating dinner menu always features something special prepared by Chef Bob.

Chocolate chip cookies at ODE to Food and Drink

Oh, I almost forgot. Today was Cookie Tuesday! Now what could be better than a little nibble of chocolate cookie to end an amazing meal. Check out ODE and let us know what you think. Follow along with us next month as we continue to explore the culinary delights waiting for you in Sioux Falls!

Other favorites at ODE include the Goat Cheese Salad, the Cuban, Ghost Pepper Cheese Sauce and anything on the rotating feature list.


Patient Experience Training

The amount of time a patient spends with a doctor is a small percentage of the time they actually spend in the office.  On average, patients spend about 7 minutes with the doctor. If a consult appointment is 2 hours, what do you do with the rest of that time? Doctors and other team members are central to properly harmonizing the patient experience.

The experience is the marketing and not the advertising.

The importance of hidden systems

It is important to develop hidden systems so you can engage everyone equally. A hidden system will enable you to know who a patient is and what they do without them having to tell you every time they are in front of you.

“50-80% of the information provided by the clinician is instantly forgotten. Of the balance of information that is remembered, only 50% of it is remembered correctly.” –Greg Korneluk, Physician Success Secrets

What a patient remembers

For patients, 25% is remembered at best post-meeting. We go into the office and we throw all of this information at them like driving distance astigmatism, presbyopia, etc. A patient could potentially leave feeling completely overwhelmed. That patient goes home and says all I know is that my insurance only covers part of it. It will cost $2,000 and I have stigma.

We have to remember that our jargon dissuades people from understanding what we are talking about. Over the course of that hour or so conversation, they are burdened with information, then we dilate them and make them sign stuff.

What can we do to make it better?

In his book, Secret Service, John DiJulius III says that Americans have 1/20th the human interactions we had just 20 years ago. Rather than shopping at a store, we are online. Instead of meeting in person, we are doing webinars, video calls, etc. Rather than going to a bank, we do mobile banking.

“We are serving people that are starved for human interactions.”

When people are coming in, they are expecting more than just a great refraction. They want to talk with you. They want you to ask them about their family life, etc.  And they haven’t had a chance to tell anyone that and you may be the only they can talk to. We owe it to people to do a better job of interaction because they want meaningful interactions.

People are paying for experiences—for those interactions. You can drop this into any business model as these are the foundational elements of how businesses have changed over time.

Progression of Economic Value

  • Commodities (Agrarian Economy), which turns into…
  • Goods (Industrial Economy), which turns into…
  • Services (Service Economy), which turns into…
  • Experiences (Experience Economy)—such as Starbucks

As much as you grow, what are you going to try and do at all times? You cannot be standard. You have to be unique.

So, what does this mean for doctors?

From a patient standpoint, they are concerned with the following:

  1. Was I treated well?
  2. Were they trustworthy?
  3. Were they organized?
  4. Did they say thank you?
  5. Was the doctor nice?
  6. Was the office clean?

The patient is saying, I care more about this than technology. Obviously, I care about outcomes as well, but I want these things also.

A patient expects that you will have the best technology and a pristine outcome–these are known commodities. It is the steps above that take you above and beyond and will be the reason a patient chooses one doctor over another.

How should our teams adapt?

John DiJulius nails mass customization in his book What’s the Secret, “With the amount of intel healthcare has on its customers, it should be the best experience on earth.”

By being in healthcare, we have more information on our customers than most organizations and we rarely use it. We need to use it!  “You cannot be experientially excellent until you are operationally excellent,” DiJulius says.

You don’t get credit for having warm cookies in your waiting area if the trash can in your public restroom is overflowing because someone hasn’t been in there for awhile. It’s the overall experience that a patient will remember. The entire experience from the front door to the checkout needs to be worth every penny.

Details are everything: From the minute a patient walks in, your staff members are on stage. Be personal and warm.  You want the experience to be so wonderful that rather than a family member just dropping off the patient, they also want to join in on the experience of having good conversation, eating warm cookies and drinking a customized, Starbucks-like coffee.

A lot of people won’t take the leap if they don’t know where they’ll land. The market already believes that you are the best around at what you do. I just know if you pay attention to these kinds of things it will be even better—it will be world-class.

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Need a CLEAR Review and Plan for Your Business?

Strong, healthy businesses all focus on the same thing—how can we get better? Where are the gaps in our service, in the way people experience us, in the way we treat our loyal customers? What are our strengths, and how can we share them more boldly?

MJM can help your business CLEAR up your performance in these areas.

It’s called our CLEAR Method, and it can help your business or health care practice understand, at the core, what makes you different, strong and valuable to your customers and fix what’s stopping you from health and growth.

The CLEAR Method is made up of two parts. First, MJM conducts a CLEAR Review of your business, looking for strengths and weaknesses using our 21-point review tool. Second, MJM proposes a CLEAR Plan for focused, holistic growth and improvement in your business plan based on the results of the CLEAR Review.

But what is CLEAR? It’s our unique approach to looking at your business, top to bottom, operations to marketing. Before you spend a dime on advertisements, you need to get CLEAR.

CLEAR starts with a deep look at your Culture. Who are you, at the core? What are the values you and your team exhibit daily? Why do you exist?

Next, CLEAR looks at your Logistics. Are there gaps or weaknesses in the day-to-day logistics of your business? How are those gaps shaping the way people experience you? What items are top priorities to fix?

After Logistics, we study the Experience you provide your customers. How do people see, feel, and interact with your business from the first moment to the last moment? How can you and every member of your staff shape and design that experience?

Next, we look at the ways you generate Awareness for your business. More than just marketing, Awareness is a holistic review of all the ways people learn about your business, share information about you with friends, talk about you online, and the messages you pay to broadcast.

Finally, we conclude with a walk through your business Review metrics. How are you tracking your successes and failures? Do you have tools to measure your performance? If not, how can you tell if you’re succeeding?

The CLEAR Method involves hard work, both by you and by MJM. But the fruits of that work are powerful – they can lead to stability, health, and growth for your business. They will show you a plan to create happy staff, happy customers, and a more fulfilling CLEAR plan for your business.

If you’re ready to grow, if you’re not interested in “marketing secrets” and know that strong, stable businesses are built with long-term results in mind, the CLEAR Method may be a great fit for your business to jump-start 2017 with a new plan and a new focus.

To learn more about the CLEAR Method and to schedule your CLEAR Review, contact us.