Bros Brasserie: Where Local Art and Food Collide

Bros Brasserie patio

Located on Phillips Ave, just a short walk from M.B. Haskett, the star of last month’s restaurant review, Bros Brasserie houses local art and takes pride in helping to develop Sioux Falls’ growing art scene. Their patio is one of the largest in downtown Sioux Falls and while it doesn’t boast the great views that Ode to Food does, it offers privacy, occasional live music and a great downtown atmosphere.

Bros is one of my favorite dinner places because of their rotating menu. They keep things simple, fresh and always feature local ingredients and local beers. For lunch, Bros offers a simple staple menu with occasional rotating features. For this outing, we chose patio seating, and I opted for their Chicken and Waffles special.

Chicken and Waffles from Bros Brasserie

I haven’t been to Bros for lunch very often, but I remember a friend ordering this in the past. The waffles on that occasion had been thick, more of a Belgian style, and the presentation was quite different. On this occasion, the waffles were a bit underwhelming and were unfortunately a bit dry. The chicken, however, was outstanding. It was juicy, flavorful and had a lot of delicious fried chicken goodness. I was pretty disappointed that the waffle didn’t pack the same punch.

I ordered the Sweet Chili Tomato Bisque soup on the side, and I could have probably eaten 10 more bowls. The flavor was absolute perfection. It had a little bit of that spicy taste from the chili and was the perfect complement to my meal. Each of my co-workers ordered one of the sandwiches – the fried chicken sandwich and the Bros Burger. While neither felt like it was the best thing they had ever eaten, the food was flavorful, juicy and a good portion for lunch. The dynamite and personalized customer service during our meal was top-notch.

The dynamite and personalized customer service during our meal was top-notch.

Over the lunch hour, I recommend giving yourself the full hour to enjoy your meal. The restaurant wasn’t fully packed, but the dishes definitely require some extra prep time in the kitchen, and if you have to come from 12:00-1:00 pm, you will likely need the whole time.

Bros Brasserie interior

During the summer hours, be sure to check out their patio as it offers both sunny and well-shaded spots and gives you a good feel for downtown Sioux Falls life. I also highly recommend coming back when you’re able to sample their rotating beers and amazing dinner feature menu.

Usually, I end the meal with a dessert, but today the chicken filled me up and we were running a bit short on time. If you’ve sampled some of their desserts, let us know what you think! And follow along with us next month as we continue to explore the downtown Sioux Falls food scene!