Bread and Circus: Serving Up Personality

Bread and Circus exterior

According to their website, the owners of Bread and Circus Sandwich Kitchen have a “propensity for planning their next meal before the current one is even finished.” I’m hooked already. I have my lunches planned out through the end of October, so I already know this restaurant’s personality is right up my alley.

The aesthetic at Bread and Circus is simple—their menu is written on a large blackboard behind the counter and all of their drink offerings are on display. Their special is listed to the right of the cash register. You order, pay and seat yourself.

Customers placing orders at Bread and Circus

Bread and Circus sources local ingredients as much as they can, and it shows in their food. On my first visit, I ordered the Vietnamese Fried Chicken sandwich. Because it’s literally fried chicken in a sandwich, it was a little difficult to eat. But this lunch was still a home run—the chicken was juicy and the flavors were spot on.

For this outing, however, I chose the Carnitas sandwich with lime and black bean purée, pork, avocados, Oaxacan cheese and pickled radishes on ciabatta bread. There were definitely not enough pickled radishes. I thought these were the highlight of the sandwich and I could have eaten mounds more! The sandwich was a little underwhelming—I wish there had been a sauce or a little bit more flavor in the pork. But it was still quite delicious and everything on it was perfectly paired.

Carnitas sandwich from Bread and Circus

The meal came with chips and we also ordered the sweet corn fritters as an appetizer. To be honest, I could have ordered about three more fritters and eaten them as my meal. They were out-of-this-world amazing. The accompanying green goddess dressing was fantastic and is also great for dipping chips.

Corn Fritters from Bread and Circus

I highly recommend Bread and Circus for lunch, dinner and any meal in-between. The outdoor seating is perfect with enough shady and sunny spots to fit your mood. It’s quick, easy to order and makes for an easy lunch stop, even if you don’t have the full hour. They feature local beer selections for dinner (or lunch if you’re one of those lucky few who get to imbibe on your lunch break).

And the service was excellent. The wait staff was patient, friendly and timely with every piece of our order. I can’t wait to go back and try something else from the menu!