video prep matters

Best Dressed Images

The best images begin before you’re in front of the lens. Whether it’s photos or videos, here are the guidelines we give clients so they can prepare for “shoot day”:

  • Keep it simple. There’s a time for fun, bright patterns and those oversized earrings you just bought, but it’s best to stick to the basics when having your photo taken. This is especially true if you won’t be the only one in the shot. Another point in favor of simplicity: you won’t be distracted by a scarf that won’t sit just right or pleats that keep bunching up. Avoid clothing with screen printed sentiments.
  • Black and gray always win. Black and gray are the most flattering shades for most skin tones and both colors are easily coordinated with your background and other people. They also never go out of style and give photos — and you — a timeless look. Don’t love black and gray? We get it. Sometimes you need a pop of color. In this case, jewel tones are the way to go. Just make sure they don’t clash with your background, a loved one, or that company color palette.
  • Limit jewelry. Keep accessories to a minimum. They can detract from your face (your smile should be the focal point) and can catch light and shadows in an unflattering way. Like clothes, they can also slide out of place, and it may not be noticed until post-photoshoot editing. A sideways necklace can’t always be edited later.
  • Comfortable and close-toed. Your footwear may not even show in your photo; however, it still helps to wear shoes you’re comfortable in. We don’t always notice it, but our footwear can promote (or detract!) from good posture, stability, and our overall demeanor. Close-toed shoes are best when you’re being photographed in cool months and in a group.