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Is video worth the cost?

As a visual thinker and as a storyteller, it’s hard for me to imagine a more potent medium than video. Books (on real, honest-to-goodness paper) will always be my first love, but video allows you to join the power and immediacy of images with the drama of a story unfolding over time. Visual elements paired […]

The Value of Creating Distinct Social Media Channels

Mass Media vs. Personal Relationships There are two general approaches to how people and brands use social media channels. The first is to broadcast, trying to get as wide a distribution as possible for each piece of content. This is the way people approach traditional media like print, radio, and television. The second approach to social […]

Automated “Social” Media

The Handshake Machine Imagine setting up a machine at your front door to shake hands with everyone who comes to visit. (This would actually be a great gimmick for the first person to do with it, but bear with the analogy for now.) This marvelous handshake machine greets your guests automatically as soon as they […]

What Are All These Image File Types my Marketing Team Talks About?

What is a raster image? What other kind of image is there? You might think that a picture is a picture but when it comes to using your images in print or on the web, there are some very important distinctions to be made. The most important of these distinctions is between vector images and raster images. […]

Why You Need a Good Design Brief

Try this next time you’re at a restaurant: –What can I get for you, sir? –Well, I’m hungry but I’m not sure what I want. –Do you want me to give you more time with the menu? –No, why don’t you just make some things and bring ’em out. I think I’ll know what I […]

Your Next Project Is Not Going To Be Easy

Possibilities usually come disguised as hard work. Don’t expect your next project to be easy. Things fall apart Anyone who tries to make something or do something finds that there is resistance. It’s an accepted fact of life that things tend toward disorder–cars break down, paint peels, joints begin to ache as we age. We […]