Tyson Schultz

Tyson Schultz is a reluctant South Dakotan, but will admit that his new home state has its advantages. Namely, opportunities to hone his considerable skill as a graphic designer. A graduate of the University of South Dakota, Tyson began his career in his home state of Minnesota as an interior designer, but in his downtime, he began experimenting with digital illustration and found visual storytelling was a better fit.

Around that same time, he met Megan, who has since become his fiancé. She lived near Sioux Falls, and eventually, their long-distance relationship evolved to the point that Tyson decided to move closer. With Megan’s encouragement, he also enrolled at USD to make the transition from interior designer to graphic designer.

While at USD, Tyson discovered a community of artists that he could thrive in. He’s especially thankful for the friendly, good-natured competitions that sprang up and that forced him to sharpen his skills and fall in love with the process of refining and improving his work. From that community, Tyson and a friend founded Untitled.10, a platform that puts on themed art shows specifically to shine a spotlight on new and up-and-coming artists. The organization also schedules its shows in unlikely venues – no galleries for this group – so that attendees also get a glimpse into new spaces.

His side hustle aside, Tyson has experience designing visually captivating layouts for print publications, and most recently, he worked for another local agency, where he gravitated toward branding and logo design projects. Tyson’s creative talent, attention to detail, and ability to understand his clients’ needs make him a valuable asset to MJM’s team. He is dedicated to his craft and takes pride in his ability to help our clients establish a unique and effective brand identity.

When they have free time, Tyson and Megan spend it with their dog, Reggie, and the couple is discovering the wonders of homeownership, particularly yard work and landscaping. They’re also avid hikers and love exploring nearby state parks whenever possible.