Trent Ensz

Trent Ensz is in his element when he’s merging digital technique with human warmth.

Trent has childhood memories of drawing comics with his dad, their papers sprawled across the floor. Around the same time, he discovered drawing on the computer. His career path became clear once he learned that making designs on computers could be a job. Studying Graphic Design at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas affirmed this decision.

Trent enjoys using design to share meaning. His favorite projects spark human connection, conveying positive emotions and bringing  smiles. At MJM, Trent loves that he’s able to create work with lasting impact.

When he’s not creating digitally, you can find Trent at a thrift store sorting through records or searching for the next trinket to add to his desk. He also stays busy capturing meaningful moments on one of his many film cameras. Through all his exploring, he’s rooted in the same relational creativity that sparked during childhood drawing sessions.