Rachel Dewey

Rachel Dewey is a master course in versatility. She’s an adventurer with a well-detailed plan. She’s a creative writer who welcomes the background research and organization that leads to exceptional copy. And perhaps, the most notable combination of all: she’s a podcast producer who can lead a classroom of grade schoolers with ease.

Now, Rachel is putting her versatility to work for the MJM team. As a writer, she is the strategic communication expert our clients know they need—and clients who don’t know, soon will. During her college years at the University of Sioux Falls, the Canadian native discovered a deep love for words as she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education.

For nearly seven years, she taught third grade and developed a love for developing both curriculum and people. She then transitioned from education into a multifaceted role at a local nonprofit, running a community grant program while sharpening her skills in marketing and PR strategy, and executive producing a weekly podcast and radio show that grew from 200 listeners to an audience of 70,000.

Rachel brings her depth of knowledge and experience  to the MJM team in her role as a copywriter. She finds the combination of relational workplace culture and strategic intent at MJM to be a great fit. In all of her work, her desire to help people shines through. Writing for the ophthalmology field is especially rewarding for her, as it uses her expertise to educate people and connect them to life-changing care.

Outside of work, Rachel can be found backpacking in national forests, climbing a wall at the local rock climbing gym and visiting the community climbing crag when the weather allows, traveling to check off another continent on her list (she’s at 4 and counting!), hiking, cooking, or spending time with friends at local restaurants.