Bobbi Trumbull

Bobbi is an Account Manager and Marketing Specialist at MJM who enjoys working with businesses to find creative and collaborative solutions.

She graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, MO, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Before joining the MJM team, Bobbi gained her marketing expertise through several different positions, including 15 years of work as a junior account executive and media specialist for Sterling eMarketing.

Bobbi’s adaptability and passion for helping others guides her everyday work at MJM. As a marketing specialist, Bobbi pulls all pieces of the marketing process together by coordinating the creative and media portions and ensuring they are working together. She plans, places, and tracks media buys to deliver effective results for all clients.

Outside the office, Bobbi enjoys spending time with family and leading the contemporary worship music portion of the service for First Baptist Church in Sioux Falls. Bobbi’s British roots have shaped her favorite activities, which include baking, reading, and enjoying a satisfying cup of tea.