• Alison Raaen

Alison Raaen

Alison Raaen builds content as a graphic designer and copywriter at MJM. She believes strongly in there are a few things to accomplish in life: read, observe and learn, then do.

Alison graduated from Augustana College with majors in English and Spanish. She first encountered graphic design as a high school yearbook editor and didn’t realize that was exactly what she should be doing in life until after she finished college.

She appreciates that her work has the capacity to delight, educate and inspire in the hands of MJM clients. As a firm believer that beauty and function work together, she knows that contrast, color, balance, and rhythm all work together in creating the best possible result for clients.

Alison’s not-so-secret passions are hand lettering and decorating cookies. (Samples of both can be found at the MJM office). She and her husband, Casey, now live in Sioux Falls with their cat, Slim Shady.